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I  aim  to  make  things  you'll remember

About the artist


Euthanangel (Ronnie) is a queer budding mixed-media collage artist born and currently residing in Florida. 

Their work typically focuses on existentialism and the feelings that stem from the cycle we go on in our minds to find the best version of who we are or who we'd like to be at that moment in time.   

Other influences they draw from are pop-culture, queer culture, systemic-societal issues (mental health, gender roles, and more +), subcultures (goth, punk, and more+) and movements from the early 1900s such as Surrealism and Dadaism to name a few.

In life, there are gaps to be filled by voices who've yet to be heard. Mine is one of many. 

this is a passion, not a business.

Thank you for listening.

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